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There are many vineyards that have museums of how they produced the wine in its beginnings, but a vineyard that still uses this system and that obtains high quality wines, there is no one like Sánchez de Loria.

Flavio Faria, wine critic, creator of Le Winery Guide

Privileged Terroir

The Aconcagua Valley runs from the Cordillera de los Andes to the Pacific Ocean. The basin of the river has banks with alluvial and colluvial terraces ideal for the cultivation of fine varieties.

Its temperate Mediterranean climate, with a prolonged dry season and rains that concentrate mainly in winter, make of Aconcagua a true wine-growing paradise.

Harvest and manual selection

The clusters are chosen manually according to their quality and condition. Then the grapes are harvested by hand and collected in troughs of not more than 10 kgs, so the fruit does not squeeze or lose its juices. This type of harvest gives us an advantage in quality over the harvest made by machinery.

The workforce comes from the same Aconcagua Valley.

Limited production

The production of the vineyard is limited by our own planting of vines, which, after a dedicated harvest and manual selection, allows us to bottle no more than 100,000 bottles each year.

Sánchez de Loria is an exclusive wine and difficult to find in the market.


We are committed to the environment and the legacy we will leave to the new generations. That is why every year we certify ourselves internationally in this matter.

Global GAP certifies that international standards for safety and sustainability in agricultural production are met. Mainly in responsible waste management, training in hygiene and safety to its workers, and efficient use of water and energy.

Sánchez de Loria does not let the good traditions die.

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Panquehue, Valle del Aconcagua