How to Get There?

Viña Sánchez de Loria Viña Sánchez de Loria located in the commune of Panquehue, Aconcagua Valley, is open every day of the year where visitors can know and delve into the history of the beginnings of wine production.


Ruta CH-60, Km 15, San Roque, Panquehue. 5ta Región, CHILE.

S 32° 47’28.59″W 70° 52’7.89″

In Waze find us as Viña Sánchez de Loria


Discover Our Vineyard

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In our tours you will be able to know the history of the vineyard, discover how wine was produced at that time, see the old house with its furniture intact and, of course, its 1890 winery. It is a true museum that ends with the tasting of a Single wine.
Tel: +56342591054
Panquehue, Valle del Aconcagua