Family History

The Sánchez de Loria family descends from Spanish Don José Teodoro Sánchez de Loria, who arrives in Chile in the year 1785, appointed by the King of Spain, to exercise the position of Prosecutor of the Real Audiencia.

Don Enrique Sánchez de Loria Faulkner founded the Vineyard in 1890 convinced of the great quality of the Terroir of the Aconcagua Valley. He planted vines of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc and Torontel, making them one of the oldest vines of Aconcagua and Chile.

Since then the vineyard has remained in the family, who have managed to maintain the values of originality, quality and tradition from generation to generation, positioning its wines in the highest standards of quality, which pleases the most demanding palates.


To produce wines of excellence maintaining the old good traditions in the elaboration of these, thus preserving through the passage of the years the family values and principles of their owners from generation to generation, obtaining a different wine,
limited and unique.


To be a benchmark in the national and international wine sector as a traditional and familiar vineyard that produces a wine of the highest quality.

Since 1920 the family keeps the vineyard as a real museum, where you will be able to
know the process of creating a unique wine.

Discover our Vineyard

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In our tours you will be able to know the history of the vineyard, discover how the wine was produced at that time, see the old house with its furniture intact and, of course, its cellar from 1890. It is a real museum that ends with the tasting of a unique wine.

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